Fisherman catches rare blue lobster for the second time this year

By Katy Thornton

July 25, 2023 at 4:18pm


The catch of a lifetime, twice in six months.

Last February, fisherman Stuart Brown from Bangor, County Down caught a rare blue lobster in Belfast lough, a catch that he had a "one in two million" chance of catching.

At the time he described catching the rare crustacean as "the catch of a lifetime". Little did he know just six months later he would catch the lobster once more.

The experienced fisherman has been casting his fishing rod since the age of 11, but said he had never come across anything like the vibrant blue creature. He also confirmed that as the lobster was just below the allowable size to keep, he released it back into the water after taking a few photos.

The lobster is now bigger than the allowable size, but according to the Irish Examiner, Brown let him go again given how rare the crustacean is. In fact, despite catching it in the same area as before, the fisherman believes it was less likely for him to catch it a second time given lobsters nomadic lifestyle.

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