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15th Dec 2021

Frontline Bikes delivered 20 bikes to children in direct provision last Saturday!

Katy Thornton

This brings their total to nearly 100 bikes delivered this year!

Frontline Bikes is more than just a bike shop. They don’t just sell bikes; they take old bicycles and give them a little tender loving care. Frontline Bikes encourage people to donate their old bikes, the ones that sit in the shed gathering dust, but never get used.

According to their website:

We renovate used bikes and get them back into the community. So your old bike is of great value to us. We will service it and get it back on the road.”

Their goal is to get your old bikes back into the community, for those who really need them.

We will use your bike to train and upskill people recovering from addiction. Also we will put your bike back to use in the community at an affordable price. Our bikes are used by frontline workers and carers, people in direct provision and local commuters.”

On Saturday last, Frontline Bikes donated 20 bikes to children in direct provision, along with cycling equipment and PPE gear. They were able to do this with the help of Trailblaiser, who liaised with the direct provision centres and fundraised the equipment.

We love to hear stories like this, and can’t wait to see all the good work Frontline Bikes does in the New Year!

Frontline Bikes is based in Inchicore, Dublin 8.

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