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07th Jul 2018

Galway GAA Has Written A Cheeky Letter To FIFA Asking Them To Move The World Cup Final

James Fenton

A fixture clash is something that anyone who has ever been involved in sport dreads and there’s not much worse than clashing with the World Cup Final.

That’s what’s happening with the Galway v Kerry Supers 8s match at Croke Park next Sunday. The game is due to throw in at 4pm which is the same as FIFA’s international showpiece.

The Tribesmen have now formally written to the head of soccer’s governing body, Gianni Infantino to request that he rearranges the fixture which we now know will be played by France or Belgium against any one of Croatia, Russia, Sweden or England.

The letter starts off with the words ”Gianni, a chara’ and goes on to address to clash on 15ú Iúil 2018 before ensuring that even if the World Cup final kicks off at 6pm GMT and goes to penalties, it will still be finished in time for The Sunday Game.

You might think they’re chancing their arm a bit but you can never underestimate the power of the GAA.

Check out the full cheeky letter below…

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