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07th Sep 2022

Gigs across Ireland are being cancelled due to the cost-of-living crisis

Fiona Frawley

silhouette of a musician on stage playing guitar and adjusting keyboard settings

Insert “a non-cancelled gig” as one of the prizes on This Morning’s doomed wheel of fortune. 

The Music & Entertainment Association of Ireland (MEAI) have revealed that gigs are being cancelled around the country as a result of the cost-of-living crisis and slow ticket sales, as people worry about saving for the future.

Speaking to the Examiner, the group which represents hundreds of singers, musicians and stage crew said that the “uncertain months ahead” have many in the industry wondering how live gigs and concerts will be impacted.

MEAI have warned of the possibility of venues being forced to close to reduce costs and conserve energy – a move which would have “a devastating knock-on effect on the music and entertainment sector”.

The group have launched a pre-budget submission, calling for more support for the industry.

Spokesperson Matt McGranaghan said:

We have recommended two schemes which will subsidise live gigs in local areas and communities. If we don’t support local musicians and entertainers then we risk losing more workers, which will have a negative impact on the social scene and tourism also.

McGranaghan said the industry hasn’t had a chance to recover since the pandemic, adding:

Our sector lost almost 40% of workers as a result of Covid. We were closed for 680 days and just as the sector was getting up and running we find ourselves in the middle of the cost-of-living crisis.

The pre-budget submission details eight requests including a pilot scheme for disabled artists, and a hardship fund for professional musicians and entertainers worth €5m.

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