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12th Jun 2017

Girl Seeking Abortion Held Under Mental Health Act

James Fenton

A girl seeking an abortion has been held under the Mental Health Act according to information published by the Child Care Law Reporting Project.

The report states that: 

“An Order detaining a pregnant child under Section 25 of the Mental Health Act 2001 was discharged by a District Court judge on the grounds that the child no longer had a mental health disorder in accordance with section 3 of the Mental Health Act.”

The girl and her mother believed they were being transferred to Dublin for a termination when the girl was admitted as the report continued:

“The consultant adolescent psychiatrist said that the young girl’s mental health was difficult to ascertain on admission because both the young girl and her mother thought that they were being transferred to Dublin for a termination and she was very agitated when she found that she was being admitted to a mental health unit. He said that he fully agreed with the report of the consultant psychiatrist employed by the GAL that there was no evidence of a mental health disorder.”

The full statement can be read here.