Have you noticed the Viking Wall in this Waterford Penneys?

By Katy Thornton

September 15, 2023 at 10:15am


Bitta education with your weekly Penneys shop.

If there's something that fits with the Irish aesthetic, it's a significant piece of history being featured in something incredibly modern. Think the Viking ruins which can be viewed beneath a glass floor in a Lidl in the middle of Dublin. Or the fact that a Tesco in Belfast occupies a building that looks like it should be a museum.

Well, Waterford has its own version; have you ever noticed the viking wall based in Penneys on Barronstrand Street in Waterford?

The Viking city of Waterford dates back to the 9th century AD. By the 13th Century, a new city wall was built, with a ditch at the front, and a bank behind it.

It has stood for centuries now, and used to be apart of Egan's pub, which made way for a new Penneys in 2009. During the demolition of the pub, construction workers came across bones that belonged to as many as 30 people on the site, according to an Irish Times article from that time.

The belief was that this was an old burial site that had been hidden beneath the city for centuries, and work continued on the Penneys, which opened later that same year.


Now you can visit the two storey high wall next time you're in getting your Penneys essentials (slipper socks, cotton pads, pjs) and read all about its history.

According to the notice, the archaeological investigations, the conservation of the viking wall fragment, and the provision of information for locals and tourists alike was funded by Penneys.

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