Here Are The Sexiest (And Least Sexy) Accents In Ireland By County

Sucks to be from the bottom three counties


The Irish accent is often said to be the sexiest in world (we choose to ignore what the international community thinks of our physical attractiveness), but with such a diverse array of accents on our little island, which county has the sexiest accent? The answer is here at last.

The research was conducted by as part of their recent Slice of Ireland survey, which surveyed 21,000 people about life in modern Ireland, and asked them to rank the top and bottom brogues.

The top three sexiest Irish accents are:

  1. Donegal
  2. Dublin
  3. Cork

While the least desirable Irish accents are:

  1. Carlow
  2. Longford
  3. Offaly

Sound about right?

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