Here’s How To Find The Cheapest Time To Buy Flights


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Booking a time to fly can be a nightmare.

With weather, annual leave and ticket prices to consider (as well as the usual airplane ticket scam websites) the whole process could turn you off the holiday altogether.

However, booking flights months in advance usually means the cheapest option, right?

Not necessarily.

Google's new flight-searching tool has taken all the hassle out of picking the best time to book flights. The search engine will now inform you as to when the price of a flight is expected to rise, or allow you to track flights by email, to see how they fluctuate.

What a time to be alive!

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The service is all thanks to Google Flights, Google's price comparison tool that includes rivals like Skyscanner and Kayak. 

Upon selecting a route, the search results display a notification indicating when they think prices may rise, based on historical flight data. This may come in handy for last-minute ticket buyers, as ticket prices can often be at their lowest in the weeks running up to the particular flight.

If you're looking at tickets several months in advance you can also set up email notifications that will alert you when prices are expected to increase, or when they actually fluctuate.

Now you can spend your money on more important things. Like doughnuts. Or pints.

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