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13th Dec 2017

Here’s What People Think About You Depending On What Car You Drive


If you’ve ever looked at someone driving a brand new Audi in a flashy cover with an added spoiler and thought “what a smug prick”, chances are other people are thinking similar things about your vehicle of choice.

A new survey by One Poll found that the majority of people think BMW drivers are “smarmy BMW businessmen, holier-than-thou Prius drivers and reckless Subaru boy-racers”, and that it’s most likely to be an obnoxious banker behind the wheel.

Other random stereotypes include Volkswagen Camper drivers as a ‘hippie behind the wheel’, VW Beetle drivers are all hairdressers, and that upper-class mums drive Land Rovers.

The survey also found that people who drive Porches are considered ‘middle-aged men who are trying to look wealthier than they actually are’ and that Ford drivers are ‘average parents’.

Bit harsh?

Header image: Vytautas Kielaitis /

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