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13th Oct 2017

Here’s What You Need To Know For Getting Through Hurricane Ophelia


Met Éireann has issued a status ‘yellow’ weather warning for Ireland as Hurricane Ophelia is set to arrive in Ireland on Monday, and experts say that the remnants of the hurricane has the potential to have a high-impact effect on parts of the country.

So AA Roadwatch has released a handy guide to getting through any bad weather.

How to make a Storm Kit…

Put a storm kit together that includes food, bottled water, a first aid kit, any necessary medication, emergency phone numbers, clothes, blankets, bin bags, a torch, batteries, a wind-up radio and a disposable camera or a smartphone (to take photos of any damage for your insurance company).

And what to do when the storm hits:

Keep your doors, windows and storm shutters (if you have them) closed.

Close your curtains to protect against breaking glass.

Only open internal doors when needed and close them behind you.

Don’t try and repair any damage outside until the storm has passed.

If you need to evacuate, turn off your gas, water and electricity before you leave (if safe to do so).

If you’ve lost power at night, use torches rather than candles for light to avoid a fire hazard.

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