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28th Feb 2022

Hospitality and other sectors say goodbye to mandatory face masks today

Katy Thornton

It’s the end of a very strange (some might even say unprecedented) era.

Two weeks ago NPHET recommended an end to mandatory face masks in Ireland. Government accepted this advice, and as of today, 28th February, it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks in hospitality sectors, as well as in schools, shops, and public transport. However, while it is not mandatory, it is advised in certain settings, such as public transport. Masks also  remain mandatory in healthcare settings.

Essentially this means in shops, restaurants, theatres, and cinemas that neither the staff nor customers will have to wear face masks. This is the first time face masks have not been mandatory since they came into effect. Of course those who wish to continue wearing face masks can do so.

Face masks are also still required for international travel.

If you have any questions about the advice regarding face masks, you can read up more HERE.

Other guidelines and restrictions changed today as well. Close contact rules have changed where you no longer have to restrict movements or test unless you develop symptoms. Healthcare workers who live with a positive case will have to antigen test regularly however. If you’re over 55, have symptoms, and aren’t boosted you should seek a PCR test. Most under 55s are now advised to not get a PCR test, but HERE’S a list of those who still should if symptomatic.

With this latest easing of restrictions, Ireland has very nearly returned to the “old normal”.

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