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18th Aug 2017

Ireland ‘Better Prepared Than Ever’ To Respond To A Terror Attack


Ireland is “better prepared than ever” for a terrorist attack, according to Minister Simon Coveney.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs was speaking in the wake of a terrorist attack in Barcelona, which has claimed the lives of over 13 people.

A further 100 were injured, including two Irish citizens – 5-year-old Irish Nathaniel Putot and his father, Norman – whose injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

According to Breaking News, Coveney said that it was “a miracle” that more Irish people were not involved, given the high number of Irish tourists visiting the country at this time of year.


“We need to work to make sure incidents like this don’t happen in Ireland, but should something happen, that we have the training and the resources and the focus to respond.” 

“But of course, when you have a madman willing to drive a van into a crowded street, it is very difficult to prepare and to respond to that.” 

Coveney, like the rest of Ireland, also sent his support to those affected by the events in Barcelona. 

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