Plans For A Bridge From Ireland To Scotland Would Be A "Global Success"

The plan has received backing from Boris Johnson.

Ireland Scotland Bridge

The Secretary of State For Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson, has given his full backing for plans to build a €15m bridge that will connect Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Telegraph has reported that the bridge would go from Portpatrick in Scotland to either Larne or Bangor in Northern Ireland.

The distance between the two destinations was said to be 14 miles in the article but as the tweet states below, it will end up being nearly double that.

A source for Johnson told the publication that:

“Boris thinks this is an interesting idea which should be looked at more seriously - as politicians in both Scotland and Northern Ireland have already said. It's the kind of ambitious project we need."

This comes a few months after a leading British Architect stated that the bridge would create a "Celtic Powerhouse".

Professor Alan Dunlop said that it would cost less than the bridge that links England and France according to The National Scot.

Speaking on BBC Radio, he said that the new bridge would boost both Irish and Scottish economies and help the post-Brexit border issue.

"It would be a wonderful thing - a connection between Scotland and Ireland"

"There are two ways it could go. It could go from Portpatrick to Bangor or Larne, but there are significant environmental and geological challenges there.

"We do have incredibly talented architects and engineers in Scotland so I am sure that as a technical challenge it wouldn't be insurmountable.

"The shorter route would be from around Campbeltown, the Mull of Kintyre across to the Antrim coast."

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