Ireland on snow alert with 5cm expected to fall this month

By Kat O'Connor

November 16, 2023 at 10:18am


After heatwaves, storms and significant flooding, Ireland could be in for more severe weather conditions before the month is out.

We could get a white Christmas this year with frosty conditions on the way to Ireland.

Snow is set to hit the island of Ireland in November, according to  long-range weather forecasters

The forecasters anticipate that the bad weather will land at the end of November and early December, with the heaviest accumulation expected on the east coast.

It will reportedly snow in Northern Ireland on November 25th.

The rest of the country is expected to experience snowfall from November 28th.

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Parts of the country may experience snowfall, but Met Éireann hasn’t confirmed the wintry conditions.

However, the bad weather will continue this month with low temperatures, as well as rainfall.

On the bright side, temperatures will be above average for this time of year.

Met Éireann said: “Currently high pressure is forecast to dominate Ireland’s weather for this week, steering weather systems away from our shores.


“Temperatures are expected to be slightly above average in many areas, however, temperatures are more around average along eastern and southern coastal areas.

“As a result of the influence of high pressure, precipitation is expected to be below or around average in most areas, with perhaps the far northwest having slightly above average precipitation amounts.”

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