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Mystic Donegal Postman Predicts What August Weather Will Be Like

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When Michael Gallagher predicted back in March that we would get a whopper of a summer, we laughed in his face.

We were just after facing Storm Emma/Beast From The East and thought it was only going to get much worse.

But, he was bang on the money and if you don’t believe us, here’s his prediction before the summer started.

The postman and amatuer weatherman shot to fame in 2007 when he correctly predicted when Ireland’s famous summer of rain would end.

You know the summer, the one where Rihanna was at the top of the charts for weeks with ‘Umbrella’.

Well, Gallagher told RSVP Live that:

“The summer is not over yet, there is still a couple of weeks of sunshine left.

“The weather won’t change much from the sunshine, you might get the odd shower, but I can see lots of good days before the end of August.”

Mick, we’ll take that.

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