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Ireland’s Euromillions Winners Have Spoken Of Their Modest Spending Plans

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€88.5m really is life-changing amount of money but it’s nice to see that Ireland’s recent Euromillions winners are keeping their feet on the ground. 

The syndicate who bought their ticket at a service station in Lusk, Co.Dublin last month collected their winnings at Lotto HQ on Thursday and have chosen to remain anonymous. 

A spokesperson for the humble group told the Irish Independent of their plans on how to spend the windfall:

“We are absolutely delighted. We all have bills to pay with mortgages, loans and whatnot so we are looking forward to the financial freedom that comes with a win of this magnitude.”

“We will be having a quiet party with family and friends to celebrate our good fortune. We will not be getting carried away with our win and we will return to normal everyday life as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to enjoying the win with our families and we might indulge by booking our sun holidays in the next couple of days.” 

With an attitude like that we can only congratulate the lucky syndicate and wish them the very best of luck. Like they haven’t had enough! 

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