PICS: Irish Civil Defence Did The Nicest Thing For This Sick Woman At The Weekend

It was a "wish come true"

Civil Defence

Fair play, guys!

Every now and again, something happens that completely restores your faith in humanity, and this gesture of kindness is no different.

On Saturday, two members of Oranmore Civil Defence in Galway brought a sick woman to the beach as per her wish.

Her daughter, shared the moment on Twitter, explaining that her mam is currently in Galway Hospice but really wanted to visit the beach on Saturday.

"I just want to thank Oranmore Civil Defence for making my Mother’s wish come true. She is in Galway Hospice at the moment and all she wanted to do was go to the beach yesterday. Two lovely kind members brought my mother and let her have her time at the beach."

What a lovely gesture, damn our leaking eyes.

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Jennifer Cosgrove