This Irish Company Is Switching To A Four-Day Working Week

By Kiara Keane

August 14, 2019 at 9:02am


A Galway-based company has announced that it’s rolling out a four-day working week for all its employees, making the rest of the country green with envy.

ICE Group, an award-winning recruitment, training and outsourcing business with more than 50 employees, said it’s introducing the new initiative in order to reward their extremely hard-working staff.

The plans won’t affect employees' pay or their holiday allowance and unsurprisingly, bosses have noted that they’ve since seen an increase in the amount of people applying for work with them.

ICE Group highlighted that research has shown how changing the work week so that staff have a three-day weekend creates "a more focused and energised staff", and it’s convinced that this will also benefit their customers.

Margaret Cox, Director of ICE Group, said, “Working effectively now means working less and having a 3-day weekend enables people to have quality time outside of their job to do the things they want with the people they love.

“We value our employees and want to ensure that their quality of life both inside and out of work is as good as it can be.”


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