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10th Jun 2018

Irish Flight To Ibiza Diverted Because Of ‘Verbal Abuse’ To Flight Attendant

Darragh Berry

BBC has confirmed that a passenger on an Irish flight to Spain who was “verbally abusive” to staff when they refused him alcohol has been banned for life.

A flight from Belfast to Ibiza was diverted to France when a “large stag group” who were “quite rowdy” boarded the flight which left Belfast on Friday afternoon.

The Jet2 flight had to be diverted to Toulouse because the man’s drunken behaviour became so bad.

A fellow passenger who was on board said that: “The captain introduced himself and gave a really stern warning and reiterated that only alcohol bought on board could be consumed on flight and duty free can’t be consumed.

“[Once the flight was diverted] passengers couldn’t get off the plane and it was roasting.

“All the babies and kids on the plane were so unsettled. Six hours in total when it should have been a three hour flight.”

Once the man was removed, the captain warned that he was not above stopping in Barcelona to remove more passengers if they did not adhere to the flight rules.

A spokesperson for Jet2 said that:

“It’s very clear that consuming alcohol illicitly contributed to this behaviour.

“In consultation with the captain we had to take the unusual decision to divert the aircraft as the situation on board escalated and he was taken off the aircraft with the assistance of the police in Toulouse.”

This happened on the same day when passengers on a separate, Ryanair flight compared their bizarre, confusing journey to an “episode of Lost”

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