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26th Apr 2020

Irish Hairdressers Federation outlines changes that will be made when salons reopen

James Fenton

The Irish Hairdressers Federation has called on the government to issue guidance on how they should reopen in the future.

David Campbell, president of the Irish Hairdressers Federation has told RTE that “guidelines from the government are extremely vague at the moment,” as the industry attempts to plan for a time when it can reopen its salons for the public.

Whenever that time arrives, Campbell feels that the experience of entering a salon will be a lot different to what people are used to, suggesting that hairdressers will be wearing “gloves, disposable gowns, disposable aprons and masks” while there could also be perspex shields in reception areas. He added that “you won’t be going to a salon anymore and getting any lovely magazines to read.”

Along with other businesses, hairdressers in Ireland began to close towards the end of March when the government introduced stringent social distancing measures. The current restrictions are due to expire on Tuesday, May 5. Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan is quoted by RTE as saying “health authorities will have to consider the risk to staff in deciding when hairdressers can reopen.”

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