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12th Mar 2020

Irish pub issues statement to put an end to coronavirus rumour

Darragh Murphy

Pub coronavirus

Popular Meath pub, P. Clarkes, has responded to a rumour that a member of staff had tested positive for coronavirus.

The owner of P. Clarkes, which is located in Navan, was shocked to discover that a rumour had been circulating on social media and WhatsApp which claimed that an employee had contracted COVID-19.

Owners, Damien and Catherine Clarke, have urged the public to think before they mindlessly spread rumours which could seriously hinder business.

A Facebook post from the pub’s official account reads: “P. Clarkes Navan would like to put a stop to these vicious rumours currently circulating around social media and WhatsApp groups today that a member of our staff has contracted COVID-19. THIS IS ENTIRELY UNTRUE!

“Not one of our members of staff has been in contact with anyone with the virus or travelled abroad in the last few months! Spreading vicious rumours like this without a bit of evidence can massively affect a local business like us!

“Please think before you write comments that can have a massive knock on affect!!! Everyone please share!!”

The message follows the pleas from a number of restaurants and cafes in Dublin for government support to keep them afloat as cancellations continue to surge due to customers’ concerns about coronavirus.

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