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09th Aug 2018

Children Removed From Irish School Because Pupil Allegedly Groped Girls

Darragh Berry

Two sets of families have taken their children out of an Irish school after it was alleged that a male pupil touched the female students inappropriately.

The Irish Independent is reporting that there has been three complaints which are all aimed at the male pupil who allegedly groped female students.

The most recent incident allegedly happened in May 2018 but it is feared that it goes back as far as two years.

Tulsa has been notified about the incident and is meeting with parents of the involved students.

The male has allegedly touched fellow students on their backside, as well as touching private parts which took place at break-time and also while in class.

Tulsa said all referrals were assessed in line with the ‘Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children’ which can be found here.

The board of management in the school, Tusla as well as the Bishop of Kerry, who was contacted about one of the incidents, said that they all followed procedure on the matter.