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22nd Aug 2018

Irish Sports Star Jailed For Four Years Following Sex Attack In Alley

Darragh Berry

A Belfast sports star has been jailed for four years after a vicious sex attack on a 27-year-old woman.

Colin Grimason, who is 26, played for Belfast Prowlers in ice hockey.

BBC report that the court heard that the victim was allegedly dragged into an alley and feared she was going to die during the attack.

Grimason has always denied that the incident, which the judge described as a “particularly serious attack”, took place.

The victim has since spoken out in the hope that it will help others who have been through a similar experience.

“What happened to me was a vicious and violating attack.

“Receiving justice for my attack has been a long and excruciating process.

“Moving on, that is the part that will haunt and torment me, that he showed no remorse for what he did.”

“I received tremendous support from the police and prosecution service who worked incredibly hard to help me receive justice.

“From these harrowing series of events, I can only hope that lessons will be learned and that survivors of sexual assault might be encouraged to speak out about their experiences.”