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19th Feb 2018

Irish Start-Up Business Forced To Change Name After Receiving Threats From Warner Brothers


An Irish start-up company has had to change its name due to “threatening contact” that they received from entertainment company Warner Brothers.

ScoobyBox, an Irish company that sends boxes of toys and treats to dogs on a monthly basis, was contacted by Hanna Barbara, under Warner Brothers.

The company was told that they would have to stop using the name ScoobyBox, as it was allegedly being confused with the Scooby Doo cartoon, or they could face legal action, the Irish Independent reported. 

Gary Redmond, content editor of ScoobyBox told the publication: “They are coming down on us like a ton of bricks, demanding we drop our name and completely delete our entire brand from existence.”

“Our solicitor advised that we would have a good chance of winning the case, but Warner Brothers will just keep throwing money at it.”

ScoobyBox, which appeared on RTÉ’s Dragons Den last spring, has been in existence for two years.

Gary added: “They are forcing us to delete our entire brand from existence including all product images and cancel our domain.”

After considering how much it would cost them to fight for their name, the company decided to rebrand and change their name to BusterBox.

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