Weather set to turn this weekend as Met Éireann predict possible flooding

By Rory Fleming

June 9, 2023 at 12:42pm


So much for the annual Leaving Cert heatwave...

Met Éireann have released their forecast ahead of this weekend, and it makes for grim reading for those planning any outdoor summertime events.

The state forecaster has said that "heavy, thundery showers with possible flooding" can be expected over the weekend, as the recent sunny weather begins to dissipate.

Whilst temperatures are set to stay relatively mild and humid, showers are predicted across the country "both day and night".

Despite some early showers on Friday moving up through the country from the southwest, the day should remain relatively dry and bright with good spells of sunshine.

Those planning outdoor activities this weekend will want to remember to pack an umbrella. (Credit: Getty Images)

However, later on in the day showers will start to push up across parts of the midlands and the west, setting the trend for a wet weekend.

Friday afternoon should see temperatures reach highs of 21C-25C in general, although, the east coast will be "less warm" with highest temperatures reaching 21C.

Overnight, it will be dry in many areas under broken cloud with just isolated showers, as temperatures hover between 12C-16C.

Saturday will begin with some scattered showers in the south-west in the morning which will then spread up the country. The national forecaster says that some should be heavy and thundery.

Showers will continue on into Saturday night, with warnings of possible flooding in areas alongside some mist and fog later setting in. Temperatures will drop as low as 14C with some light breezes expected.


Sunday should see a mix of cloud and sunshine interrupted by scattered showers, and "potential for local thundery ones".

And whilst temperatures are set to reach the lofty heights of 26C at the beginning of next week, Met Éireann say that there will remain the potential for heavy and thundery showers with possible flooding.

This weekend is also set to see the highest pollen count of the year, with the Irish Asthma Society warning people with the condition about potential issues arising from the high count.

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