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26th Sep 2018

Irish Footballer Comes To The Rescue Of Bullied Child And Sends Him Touching Letter Afterwards

James Fenton

Bullying is something that too many kids have to deal with and it can a terrifying and lonely experience.

For young Callum McIvor, the pain is all too real. The Glasgow boy has recently started high school and according to a Facebook post by his mother Jordan, ‘since starting he had some problems with four boys.’

Getting off the bus recently he was assaulted by the boys before a man came to the rescue before offering a lift home. Callum declined before the man followed, making sure he got home safely.

As it turns out, the hero in question was Celtic and Republic Of Ireland star Jonny Hayes who then sent Callum a signed jersey along with a note which read ‘Callum don’t let the boys from school get you down bullies aren’t worth your time. If you ever need anything, I’m only five minutes up the road. Jonny.’

The family were especially touched because Callum is a fan of Celtic’s arch-rivals Rangers as Jordan added: ‘my son’s a Rangers fan but when he opened that parcel and he read the note he was nearly crying.’

On top of all that, after Callum messaged Jonny on Instagram to thank him, the Dubliner responded by offering to join him for a game of football. What a hero.

You can read the full story and watch the video of Callum opening his gift in the Facebook post below.

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