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02nd Nov 2022

Kerry priest to be ‘removed from mass roster’ after hurtful comments

Fiona Frawley

live stream of mass being delivered by kerry priest Fr Sheehy

The Bishop of Kerry has insisted the priests’ comments ““do not represent the Christian position”.

Retired priest Fr Seán Sheehy is at the centre of controversy this week after delivering a sermon in which he said that sex between two men and two women was a sin and that transgenderism was “lunatic”. He also referred to the “promotion of abortion” as sinful.

A number of people left the mass which took place on Sunday in Listowel, Co. Kerry as a result of the comments, to which Fr Sheehy responded “those of you who happen to be leaving today, God help you is all I have to say.” Parents of altar servers at the church and whose children attended the masses are also said to be very upset.

In a statement shared on the diocese of Kerry website, Bishop Ray Browne said he was aware of the “deep upset and hurt” caused by the sermon:

I am aware of the deep upset and hurt caused by the contents of the homilies in question delivered over the weekend. I apologize to all who were offended. The views expressed do not represent the Christian position. The homily at a regular weekend parish Mass is not appropriate for such issues to be spoken of in such terms. I regret that this has occurred while a parish pilgrimage to the Holy Land is taking place.

In an interview with Radio Kerry earlier this week. Fr Seán Sheehy said he stands over his comments.

As a result, the priest is now being removed from the mass roster in Listowel.

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