Laura Whitmore Is Not Happy About Katie Hopkins' 'Late Late Show' Appearance

Laura's charity-related appearance last year was "cancelled last minute"

Laura Whitmore

I don't think anyone was too impressed with Katie Hopkins' appearance on The Late Late Show on Friday, bar herself, of course. 

There was utter outrage on Twitter, and one Irish celebrity has given her two cents on the situation. 

Laura Whitmore posted this message to her Twitter:

She has every right to be pissed. It's appalling that people like Katie Hopkins are given a huge platform to talk absolute shite, while things of actual importance are pushed aside, and in her case, cancelled. 

It's certainly food for thought. 

Leave your opinions in the comments...

Would you prefer to listen to a loon like Hopkins or someone like Laura Whitmore who wants to discuss something relevant, important and worthy?

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