LC Home Ec paper criticised for question on how colour can 'flatter body size'

By Fiona Frawley

June 10, 2022 at 2:54pm


Intuitive Eating Ireland has criticised a question on this years Leaving Cert home ec exam, in which students were asked how certain colours can "flatter body size".

The question, which appeared under the Textiles, Fashion and Design section reads: "Discuss how colour can be used to flatter body size and shape".

Image via Instagram/Intuitive Eating Ireland 

Intuitive Eating Ireland have spoken out against the question, writing:

When we say the word "flatter", we're really saying "how to look as thin as possible". 

Sineád Crowe of IEI said she was made aware of the question after a teacher sent it to her, as a student of hers was "really upset" after seeing it. She added on her stories that she'd be interested to know how such a question could be marked.. what is the correct answer to something like that?


On Twitter, writer Stephanie Preissner added:

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the Leaving Cert Home Ec paper asked “discuss how colour can be used to flatter body size and shape”. As if thousands of students sitting exams don’t ALREADY have eating disorders and body sensitivities.

Stephanie added on Isntagram that it was disappointing for such a question to have been allowed and proofed for the exam, also mentioning the rise in disordered eating in Ireland since the pandemic and lockdowns.

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