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06th Jun 2018

The LC English Paper 1 Came Under Serious Scrutiny For This Reason Today

Darragh Berry

We still have the nightmares and quite frankly, we don’t think we’re ever going to be over them. 

And this curveball that was in Wednesday’s first exam of the Leaving Cert could easily form the basis for one of those many nightmares.

The examinations kicked off with the usual English Paper 1 which started at 9:30am.

You always hope for a stress-free paper on day one because it’s all very new to you and the last thing you want is to be completely bowled over on day 1.

And, many students were delighted with the “beaut” of a paper for English paper 1 but the majority have been complaining about the sly old move of including aspects of Paper 2 on this morning’s paper.

They were less than impressed.

It’ll be interesting to see what English Paper 2 has in store.

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