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09th Jun 2017

A Limerick Mosque Has Been Sent Verses Of Quran Wrapped In Bacon


A mosque in Limerick has been sent verses from the Quran wrapped in slices of bacon in the post. reports that this is the latest incident to take place, as imams across Ireland fear further attacks against the Muslim community following acts of vandalism at other mosques, including an incident this week in Galway where rocks where thrown through the windows at prayer time.

The Limerick mosque also received further “very offensive items” via post, including images of the Prophet Mohammad with a bomb in his turban.

Imam Khaled Ghafour of the mosque in Dooradoyle, Limerick, told Breaking News that they had been broken into and vandalised on three occasions in recent times.

In one incident, which he describes as the worst, people urinated on the carpet.

Windows have been broken several times and items in the mosque destroyed, but despite CCTV footage and reporting the incidents to gardai no arrests have as of yet been made.

Speaking on the recent terror attacks in the UK, Imam Ghafour said:

“For people to commit these atrocities, especially in the month of Ramadan, which is meant to be a month of mercy, these people have no understanding of Islam at all. People shouldn’t fear Muslims,” he said.

“I always give people the example of the IRA attacks in the UK, when Irish people were looked in the same light [as terrorists. I would have thought Irish people would be more understanding. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and neither were all Irish people.

“What has happened has tarnished all Muslims.”