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30th Jun 2017

Locals Horrified After Snake Found In This Irish County


It seems St Patrick may have slept in one day on the job, as two snakes have been found in Ireland in the past week. 

Locals were left horrified after a snake was spotted in Fordstown, County Meath earlier this week – followed by an incident just last week when a five-foot snake was found in a tree in Ballybrack, County Dublin. 

The incident was brought to attention by a number of frightened locals on Wednesday, right before Fianna Fail TD Shane Cassells took to Facebook to post a picture of the reptile. 

In a post on Facebook, he said: 

“Unusual query in today. This fella has been spotted in Fordstown by numerous residents”.

It was later revealed that an “official with expertise” in handling animals such as this one dealt with the snake accordingly. 

It was also announced that the snake is a corn snake, and is totally harmless.