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08th Jan 2019

Met Eireann Speaks Out About Fears Of ‘Siberian Snowbomb’ Hitting Ireland

Darragh Berry

We can only imagine that a ‘snowbomb’ would bring with it similar events to that of Storm Emma.

While the UK is set to be hit by this ‘Siberian Snowbomb’ in the middle of January, Met Eireann has said that as far as they can tell, Ireland will not be hit by the beast.

They are adamant that Ireland’s weather will continue to be dry and at the moment, they aren’t expecting any extreme cold weather or any heavy frost or snow.

They added that there’ll be scattered showers around the country for a time but that there’ll be no serious rainfall and certainly no signs of a ‘snowbomb’.

Meteorologist John Eagleton told The Irish Sun that the snowbomb is “not for us, I’m not even sure the UK will get it. It is bad over the continent, Austria have a red warning for 60cm of snow there.

“The northerly winds coming down towards Germany and parts of France, a bit of that is swiping the UK as well but we’re OK.”

This comes after Europe was hit with a “Arctic Blizzard Warning” over the weekend.

BBC meteorologist warned people to be prepared for the worst:

“There is still an unusual amount of snowfall in Turkey and Greece. We also have wet weather with rain and snow pushing into Scandinavia.

“As we go into next week, London and Paris will face a drop in temperatures.”

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