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05th Dec 2018

Making These Two Changes Made This Girl €10,000 In 18 Months And Put Her On Track For A Mortgage

Darragh Berry

This time of the year always highlights the issue of money.

But in fairness, no matter what time of year it is, we’re always looking for ways to save up even a couple of euro here and there.

So you can imagine how proud/peeeeeeed off we were to find that this girl had saved thousands in just over a year and a half.

Paige Stuart (28) told that she ditched her car after realising she had just used it a handful of times since it was purchased.

Instead, she turned to public transport in a big way and car sharing and saved a whopping €10,000 ($15,000)

And we know what you’re going to say, it’s not that easy to just give up your vehicle, especially if you rely on it.

But the 28-year-old also started using Facebook’s Marketplace in order to rent out her clothes.

Yeah, we’re not too sure about this one either.

She rakes in a profit on renting out her clothes and can make as much as 50% back of the item of clothing every time it is rented.

For example, she rented out a dress worth €160 and got €80 for it

“I was already aware of the sharing economy before selling my car but I was surprised by how much I saved — it’s been a considerable money maker and it requires very little effort,” she said.

With all of this, she’s already well on track to stick down a deposit for a house.

Would you share your clothes in order to make a few bob? Or what do you do to save some big bucks? Let us know in the comments.

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