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20th Dec 2018

Netflix Have Pretty Much Confirmed A ‘Black Mirror’ Movie


Many of us have been patiently waiting for the release date for the fifth season of Black Mirror.

So, this week if you were looking close enough you may have noticed a 90 minute edition of the ever popular dystopian series pop up on Netflix.

Well, it’s now officially listed on the Netflix page and you can see it for yourself.

Search for ‘Bandersnatch’ on the mobile app, which is considered to be the special edition’s name, here’s what pops up:

20181220 142016

Other than that, Netflix aren’t giving much else away but the feature-length will be the longest ever episode of the show. Adding to the excitement, it also lists the year as 2018 so we could be watching this very soon.

This news come after Miley Cyrus confirmed she’ll make an appearance in the highly anticipated fifth series, which is also expected to before the year is out. Spoiled so we are!

If you’ve never watched the show, or want a nice little binge before the new series, seasons 1-4 are available to watch on Netflix.