New Diversion Routes To Be Introduced On M50 To Ease Delays

Great news for drivers

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New diversion routes are to be introduced on the M50 to alleviate delays caused by emergency incidents.

According to The Irish Times, the relief routes will be signposted with specific logos and will aim to ease the impact of road collisions of other drivers.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland revealed that 120 incidents occur in a typical month on the M50, with motorists delayed for up to six hours following several crashes last year.

There are currently symbols in place from Junction 4 (Ballymun) to J5 (Finglas), J5 (Finglas) to J6 (Blanchardstown) and J7 (Liffey Valley) to J9 (Red Cow).

A new diversion route for the entire M50 will be implemented in the coming months and will include J3 (at the M1 merge) to J17 (at the M11 merge), except for J6 (Blanchardstown) to J7 (Liffey Valley).

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