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14th Jul 2022

New regulations mean ‘traditional’ turf practices can continue

Fiona Frawley

trailer in a field full of turf, with a small "for sale" sign sticking out at the side

New regulations around the sale of turf and smoky coal have been welcomed by the Fine Gael Parliamentary party, RTÉ News has reported.

The regulations would see a ban on the retail sale of turf, wet wood and smoky coal come into effect in October of this year, however, traditional turf practices can continue.

The new regulations will allow people with turf-cutting rights to gift turf, or sell it through “traditional” channels. However, the sale of turf at shops, petrol stations, fuel depots or online will no longer be allowed. According to the Journal, a restriction will also be introduced on the sale of wet wood, with small bags of wood required to have a moisture content of less than 25%.

The Journal also reported that Environment Minister Eamon Ryan has formally dropped a controversial proposal that turf transactions would only be allowed in communities of 500 people or below. Sources within the Green Party said that this suggestion was part of a draft, and was never going to be part of the final regulations.

The main aim of the Solid Fuel Regulations is to bring an end to the sale of smoky coal, which is the primary source of air pollution in Ireland.

Air pollution causes between 1,300 and 1,400 deaths every year.

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