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22nd Dec 2023

Primark apologise to employee told she couldn’t wear a ‘Nollaig Shona’ jumper

Fiona Frawley

nollaig shona christmas jumper primark

She was reportedly told the Irish language is unacceptable.

Primark has issued an apology after an employee in one of its Belfast stores was told she could not wear a jumper featuring the words ‘Nollaig Shona’.

The Irish News reports that the incident occurred last Friday at Primark’s Royal Avenue store in the Northern Irish captial.

According to the outlet, Primark employees are encouraged to wear Christmas-themed clothes in the run-up to the holiday and as such, the unnamed young female employee wore a jumper with ‘Happy Christmas’ written on it in Irish.

The Irish News states, however, that the woman was subsequently called to a manager’s office and told she could not wear that particular piece of clothing.

primarkPrimark apologises after employee told she couldn’t wear ‘Nollaig Shona’ jumper

The website also reports that the woman was informed that she could wear clothes with Spanish words written on them but that some could be offended by the use of Irish.

When the woman inquired directly if she was prohibited from wearing clothing featuring the Irish language at work, she was told that this was the case, The Irish News says.

In a statement to JOE on the matter, a Primark spokesperson issued the following:

“We support an inclusive workplace where everyone should feel welcome at work. No company policy exists which prohibits the use of the Irish language on colleague clothing.

“We are really sorry that this incident took place, this was an isolated event that should not have happened, and we are taking steps to provide further guidance to our colleagues on our workwear policy.”

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