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02nd Jul 2017

One Of Irish TV’s Most Iconic Presenters To Host Their Last Ever Show At The End Of This Month


One of Ireland’s most respected and best journalists, Vincent Browne is to retire this July, presenting his last ever Tonight with Vincent Browne on TV3.

A story in The Sunday Times earlier this week revealed that the iconic broadcaster would be leaving our screens after ten years of hosting the popular current affairs programme.

Tonight with Vincent Browne is an affairs show with an alternative perspective, focusing on issues of income and inequality, as well as seeking to hold institutions and powerful people to account, and despite it being shown on the ‘graveyard’ slot of 10.30pm, it had substantial views.

Browne is known for his fearless reporting on the IRA during the 1980s, fighting back against the Irish State over a wiretapping controversy which saw his phone intercepted for eight years, and for his condemnation of media bosses who appeared to be ostracising journalists without reason.

In 2015, after asking were other members of the media wimps, he led a posse of journalists and camera crews into Gorse Hill, the up-market house at the centre of a legal battle.

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