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16th Oct 2018

There’s An Untold Penalty Point Offence That Irish Drivers Need To Be Aware Of

Darragh Berry

The Irish Independent is reporting that motorists are being reminded that they can get penalty points for incorrect tyre pressure after one driver was issued two points in the summer of 2017.

The issued points is believed to be the first case of its kind since the system began and Irish drivers are being warned that they can get done if their tyres are under or over-inflated.

Analysis by Continental Tyres discovered that the penalty-point offence in question was “unsuitable tyre due to degree of inflation”.

RSA state that: “Correct inflation pressure is important, as the pressurised air inside your tyre has to support the weight of your vehicle and its load. Inflation pressure can also affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

“Tyre pressures vary depending on the vehicle model and the load being carried. We recommend that you go to your local service station and check your tyre pressures regularly against the manufacturer’s specifications for your vehicle.

“You’ll find the inflation specifications in your vehicle owner’s handbook. The following illustrations demonstrate how the effects of correct and incorrect inflation pressure can be seen on your tyre tread pattern.”

So, get checking those tyres regularly.

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