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27 Reasons We Should Welcome The North Into A United Ireland With Open Arms

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


In the few weeks that have passed since Brexit, the chatter around a united Ireland has stepped up considerably. 

Enda Kenny and Micheal Martin have said that a poll is likely at some stage and the idea seems to be gathering momentum. 

Not everybody is convinced that it would be a good idea, of course, and they'd definitely have an argument to make. But we thought we'd have a look at some of the benefits that Northern Ireland could bring to the South... y'know... should we be interested.

Hard to argue with these...

1. We'd have the best golfer in the world

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2. We could add to our list of amazing tourists attractions

Shutterstock 234549214 1

3. We could say the Game Of Thrones was filmed 'here'

And not feel guilty about it.

Screen Shot 2015 07 24 At 12 42 45

4. We'd have our very own crisp cafe

Screen Shot 2015 03 30 At 16 14 14

5. And we'd be the home to the most famous ship ever built


6. Soda farls

Because nothing tops one of these dripping in butter.


7. We'd add a few international music stars to our ranks

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8. Hundreds of miles of additional unblemished coastline

Shutterstock 452325727

9. Because the Belfast City Hall looks exactly like all city halls should

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10. We'd be able to pit Queen's University and Trinity directly against one another

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11. Because any country that invented Boojum should get our vote

Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 15 45 03

12. And there'd be hundreds more gorgeous ancient castles 

Not that we're short or anything...

Shutterstock 122144107

13. We'd have loads of new phrases to add to our vocabulary 


Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 15 47 13
Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 15 46 55

14. With two footballs teams to combine into one, we'd have a better chance of winning stuff

Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 15 50 05

15. Amazing icons of culture and writing, from the likes of CS Lewis to Seamus Heaney

Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 16 29 16

16. We'll be able to say we had one of the greatest footballers of all time


17. The Ulster Fry – better than the southern equivalent?

Controversial we know – but with potato bread and soda farls, these are possibly even better than the full Irish we know in the south.

Shutterstock 179688086

18. Pubs that look like this one that would raise our overall hospitality levels

Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 16 10 45

19. We'll have even more really good whiskey to drink

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20. Ireland would finally have its very own Apple store


Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 16 03 39

21. We wouldn't have to go back to having a border

Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 15 53 14

22. We'd get a second Tayto brand. Slightly different but still as nice

Screen Shot 2016 07 21 At 15 41 15

23. Thousands of stunning buildings with beautiful architecture

Shutterstock 387099025

24. We'd have even more world class golf-courses 

Sure we'd have to if we had all those extra top-class golfers.

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25. Liam Neeson. Enough said

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26. An extra bank holiday every July

Too far?


27. All things considered we can safely say there are tons of reasons we'd welcome a United Ireland with open arms!

Shutterstock 185240294


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