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15th Jun 2023

Pride Vibes, Ireland’s first LGBTQIA+ radio station, launched this morning

Katy Thornton

Pride Vibes, Ireland's first LGBTQIA+ radio station, launched this morning

The first FM station to represent the community in over a decade.

Ireland’s first quasi national LGBTQIA+ radio station has officially launched.

Pride Vibes has been streaming online since the beginning of June, but is officially available on FM as of this morning (Thursday June 15).

According to Radio Today:

“Irish Singer Brian Kennedy; RTÉ’s Stephen Byrne and FM104’s Sean Munsanje and Thomas ‘Crossy’ Crosse are among those who will present live shows on air.”

Radio Today also reported that Pride Vibes is the first station on FM in over ten years that represents the LGBTQIA+ community, and that the previous broadcast Open FM only reached people in Dublin.

You can check out the frequencies where you’ll find Pride Vibes above, ideal for all the commuters, or those who simply must have background noise on at all times. If you can’t find a frequency for your location, never worry; you can always stream it online.

The station will be accessible on FM for the rest of Pride month, and will continue online for the rest of August, until the end of summer.

Header image via Twitter / Radio Today 


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