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20th Dec 2016

Remember THAT Icelandic Commentator? His Reaction To Last Night’s Win Was Absolutely Unforgettable


What is it with the Nordic countries, ecstatic commentators and shock defeats over England?

Following on from the famous 1981 “hell of a beating” at the hands of Norway, it was Iceland’s turn last night to inflict a nasty surprise on England.

And commentator Guðmundur Benediktsson, a global sensation since his reaction last week to his country’s late winner over Austria, didn’t hold back.

His comments on the second goal, in particular, seem destined for the history books:

“Live the way you want England. Iceland is going to play France on Sunday. France Iceland!.

“You can go home! You can go out of Europe! You can go wherever the hell you want! England one, Iceland two is the closing score here in Nice, and the fairytale continues.” 

G’wan Iceland… we’re right behind you.