Great News - You Can Finally Renew Your Driving Licence Online


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Ireland has finally entered the 21st century.

You can now renew your driver's license online if you have a Public Services card.

We all know the pain of renewing driver's licences. You can either go along to your local driving centre and hope to be seen by the time it closes, or try to book an appointment.

All sounds very simple, right?

Except it isn't because you could wait there all day without seeing anyone, which is soul destroying.

Even when you try to be smart and book online, you can only book one month in advance and a lot of the time there are no free appointments.

So, you're stuck with just showing up...

According to the Irish Sun, some applications may still have to be made in person through the NDLS centres.

You'll have to go to a centre if:

  • The expiry date of your driving licence or learner permit is greater than three months from today
  • You hold a truck or bus category on your driving licence
  • You are 70 years of age or over
  • You are applying for your third or subsequent learner permit
  • You have a medical condition which requires a medical report to obtain a driving licence or learner permit

If you don't have a Public Services card but want to apply for one, in order to enjoy this thoroughly modern breakthrough, then you will have to complete a SAFE registration at your local Intreo centre.

Maybe it's not so modern after all...

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