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23rd Nov 2017

Irish Car Owners Urged To Buy “€10 Items That Could Help Save Your Life”


A water safety expert is urging people to buy affordable items that could save their lives if their car ever became trapped under water.

Speaking at the inquest into the tragic Buncrana Pier incident, in which five members of the same family passed away when their car slid into water, Chief Executive Officer of Water Safety Ireland, John Leech showed the importance of having certain items on hand.

The Journal reports that the items he recommends included seatbelt cutters, and a centre-punch to break the car window.

“These items are very inexpensive, I got some of them for as little as €10, and they can save a life,” he said.

He also gave a step-by-step guide of how to get out of a car trapped in water

He advised people to first free themselves from their seat belts, break a window and help any children escape first before phoning for emergency help.

Leech added “People have to remember that cars float for a long time in the water and people should get out as quickly as possible and then they can hang onto the cars.”

“It is an issue in Ireland and we have people drowning every year,” he said.