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12th Nov 2018

A ‘Scandinavian High’ Means Ireland Could Be Seeing Really Heavy Snow Very Soon

Darragh Berry

Yayyyyyy, great news.

This will be music to snow lovers’ ears.

So what is a Scandinavian High, we hear you ask?

The ‘high’ is notorious for offering the likes of Ireland and the UK the best chance of severe winter weather.

The pressure feature can become extremely intense especially in late winter months and early spring.

This high pressure often brings sub zero conditions and snow showers that can occur as late as February and March.

The last time there was high pressure over Scandinavia, the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma occured.

And the Met Office and Irish weather experts are stating that this high pressure could bring severe winter weather towards Ireland and the UK.

At the moment, some are saying that there will be “flurries” of snow at the end of November, with December seeing some fairly heavy snow showers.

For the moment, Ireland’s weather is milder than average with conditions becoming established this week in a predominantly southerly airflow.

There will be temperatures of between 12 to 15 degrees this week.

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