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15th Oct 2018

Scientists Discovered Having A Baby Makes You More Miserable Than Getting Fired


The adorable giggles and cooing, that fresh as a daisy baby skin smell, and being able to hold them captive for snuggles anytime you like – babies are THE BEST aren’t they?

Eh, not quite, apparently.

A German study has found that having a baby is actually one of the worst things that can happen to you in terms of happiness.

Germany now has the lowest birth-rate in the world, and the study set out to find “why do people stop at having only one child?”

Turns out, it’s because becoming a parent lowers your ‘well-being’ by 1.4 units on a scale of 1-10

If you compare the results to similar studies, LadBible found that it suggests that having a little sprog is a worse thing to happen to you than getting divorced, losing your job or even the death of your partner. Jaysis.

The study does only focus on new parents with newborn babies, so maybe once they grow up it all gets a little easier? Here’s hoping.

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