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Scientists Say There Are 4 Different Types Of Wine Drinkers

By AmyBell

November 10, 2017 at 12:49pm


If you're fond of drinking vino, you will probably fall into one of these four vinotype categories, according to scientists.

Researchers at Michigan State University recently published their findings in the International Journal of Wine Business Research which concluded that there are four definite types of wine drinkers.

The scientists surveyed a group of adults on their food and beverage preferences and also held a food and wine reception to see if there was any common patterns.

The researchers said that they were able to predict what wine participants would go for based on what they usually tend to eat, drink and their day-to-day personal habits.

The categories were published in the Independent and are as follows:

1. Sweet

You're very picky about your wine - along with other things in life. You usually tend to go for something not too strong, but favour sweet and light flavours. The researchers also say that you would typically love fizzy drinks and excess salt.

2. Hypersensitive

You would tend to be very similar to the above, but you're also more open minded to trying new wines out - once they're not overly complicated.

Researchers also claim that you are more likely to complain about the volume of the TV and about how hot or cold you are.

3. Sensitive

You fall into the middle of the 'wine-drinking spectrum' as you're both flexible and a bit more adventurous. Researchers say that you will also tend to show signs of being free-spirited in day to day life and don't like a rigid schedule.

4. Tolerant:

If you fall into this category you tend to be a 'show-off'.

You usually look for the intensity in wine with big and bold flavours - you don't understand why others would go for 'wimpy' wines.

Researchers say that you tend to be more of a decisive person who thinks in linear patterns. 

If you like strong coffee and cheese, you tend to land moreso in this category.

What does it say about your personality if you enjoy the cheapest bottle?! 

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