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10th May 2023

‘Sconegate’ Tipperary hotel makes Condé Nast’s Hot List for 2023

Katy Thornton

The five star hotel is the only Irish entry on their list.

Just one Irish hotel made it onto Condé Nast’s list of what’s hot this year, and it was five-star establishment Cashel Palace in Tipperary. Why does this hotel sound familiar, you ask? Perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of staying there, or perhaps you’ve paid €15 for tea and scones that resulted in an outrageous bill.

What Condé Nast does not mention in their reasoning for choosing Cashel Palace is what landed the hotel in some hot water last year, when a customer received a bill of €45 for three coffees/teas and three mini scones. In a conversation with the Irish Times at the time, the hotel said that they serve three mini scones per person as opposed to one large scone, but many still argued €10 for this was too much, and tea costing €5 was not on as well.

Would you pay €15 for scones and a coffee?

If you cast your minds back, Sconegate very much saw the emergence of two camps, one that absolutely condemned the cost, and one that understood you’re paying for the five-star hotel atmosphere as well as the refreshments. No matter which side of the argument you found yourself on, the conversation dominated Irish social media for good few weeks.

Despite all this, the director of sales Karen Fleming told the Irish Times that the opening of Cashel Palace was successful, and they received a lot of support from the locals and the Irish market.

Condé Nast certainly thought the five-star hotel had some worthy accolades. Their review of the hotel calls it a “gloriously detailed yet unstuffy reimagining of the handsome 300-year-old mansion” that has “striking wall-to-wall art” from the likes of Jack B Yeats and Orpen.

The hotel is praised for their unique selling point of offering a Racing Royalty package, whereby guests embark on a day long tour of the Ballydoyle training grounds and the world-famous Coolmore Stud.

You can read the whole review on the Condé Nast website.

Header image via Instagram/cashelpalace & Shutterstock


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