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10th Nov 2023

Shortage in hazelnuts could see lack of Ferrero Rochers this Christmas

Katy Thornton

Nutella and Ferrero Rochers could be in short supply this festive season.

For many, Ferrero Rochers are as synonymous with the festive season as a tub of Celebrations of Heroes, their discarded golden foil littering the floor as reliably spotted as torn up wrapping paper and stacks of presents.

There’s just something luxurious about them that makes them feel like a fancier Christmas chocolate, but given the hazelnut shortage at the moment, many might struggle to find a box of Ferrero Rochers this year.

According to The Daily Mail, 70% of the hazelnut crop comes from Turkey, but given the effects of global warming, which have never been more evident than the summer that has just passed, the harvest was considerably smaller this year.

In conversation with analysts Mintec, a Turkish trader said this of the much dwindled harvest:

“We went to speak to farmers and they all said the harvest would be much smaller than last year. We are seeing the effects of global warming, insect damage and, in particular, a lack of rainfall during the critical nut development period in May.”

Mintec reported that the hazelnut harvest, which in May was estimated to be 810,000 tonnes, already a decrease of 2% year on year for 2023/2024, could in fact be as low as 620,000-650,000 tonnes this year.

The smaller harvest will result in higher prices, which are already being seen, as well as a scarcity in hazelnut products, such as Ferrero Rochers and Nutella.

You can read more about the shortage and what it means on the Mintec website.

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